Under the River and Through the Woods

Last weekend our family joined another clickin’ mom and her daughter to explore the seemingly magical Sekrit Theater in East Austin. This little venue is a photographer’s dream!  Many little nooks and crannies to explore and catch some wonderfully playful moments.  Here are some of my favorites from our shoot, which included some fun headshots for my husband who is also the talented DJ Paco De La Familia!


Austin’s Newest Human

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing one of Austin’s newest little humans, baby Lucas!  His brother was clearly very excited about the new arrival, although their dog Bella was still undecided (but she did grace us with a quick appearance for the camera).  Here are a few highlights from our shoot, which included the beautiful rainbow blanket that Grandma knitted for big brother and the book “Dragons Love Tacos” (that title just cracks me up).  I always like to include items that are special to the family as it helps tell the story of this special time in their lives.


brighter (1 of 2)


SoCo & a Little Bling

I met up with Vanessa of Aurora’s Blush handmade jewelry and the lovely model Grace Gloria on Austin’s funky South Congress strip last weekend.  We were there to shoot Vanessa’a new line of hand engraved jewelry.  Her bohemian and elegant pieces worked perfectly against the gritty and colorful background of South Congress, and Grace donned them beautifully.  Here are some highlights from our shoot!

Full size blue door (1 of 2)

…And we can’t forget the beautiful designer!

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This Girl Knows Her Power Tools!

A few days ago I met up with the lovely and talented Vanessa Nicole, the designer behind Aurora’s Blush jewelry.  She is about to launch her new line of very chic and boho pieces, so we were scouting locations on Austin’s iconic South Congress strip for our photoshoot. Her signature hand-etched look is created by using a variety of rotary power tools, so each tribal and henna inspired piece has a unique look.  With a mix of precious gems and glittering druzy gemstones, these lovelies are hard to resist!  Here are some of our location shots.  We were looking for a mix of Austin urban with pops of color and light.


Not Yet of This World

Last week I had the honor of photographing one of the newest humans alive – little Ruby at just 5 days old.  Even for those of us who have children of our own, we quickly forget what a newborn is like.  Their eyes open occasionally and just search for all they know, their mother’s face.  Their thin limbs move wildly while they are awake, simply wanting to be held tightly as they have been in the womb their entire life.  They really aren’t yet of this world!  Such a reminder of how fragile and beautiful life is…



Capturing the Unspoken

In my quest to become a better photographer, I have been thinking a lot about how to capture that special something.  It is often a moment between a father and child, man and woman, or nature and human that really touches something in us as relational beings.  It is also in the light from the sky, whether it’s sun on the face, shining warmly on one’s back, or shimmering in the eyes.  Capturing that life-giving light in a still image can inspire a feeling like nothing else…  How does it make you feel?

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Two Toddler-Chasing Clickin’ Moms

A friend and fellow photographer and I met over the weekend to get some some shots of the kiddos and practice our skills.  It was an overcast, moist day, but we were lucky to get a little glimmer of sun close to sunset.  With some fall colors hanging on and a few props (thank you husband for bringing the bubble machine!), we got some keepers.

Plan B: A Historic Setting

Our plans for a sunset maternity mini shoot got rained out, so we opted for plan B- portraits at the historic Driscoll Hotel in downtown Austin.  The Christmas tree was beautiful, and despite the afternoon tea happening in the hall, we were able to get some shots that included one wild little toddler.  Baby Ruby will be here any day now!


Buda Renewed – A Fun Location

My sister had at the great idea to do a photoshoot with the cousins as a gift for the grandparents.  We had to meet mid-day, so we needed somewhere with lots of shade to create even light.  My husband suggested the newly redeveloped Buda Mill & Grain.  Some landowners that he knows through his work at Hill Country Conservancy played a big part in helping to restore this historic location. It created an interesting backdrop, and the kids had a blast with the balls, hats, and glitter!