Meet Jenny

Hello there!  My name is Jenny Davis, and I am a part-time photographer based out of Austin, Texas as well as Mason, Texas, a beautiful little country town a few hours west.

I’ve always enjoyed photography, going back to my days in grade school, disposable cameras, and fun with my girlfriends. I purchased my first DSLR camera (the canon 20D) in 2011 in order to photograph my own jewelry designs for my website.  Several lovely friends were kind enough to model my designs for me, and quickly I realized I enjoyed photographing my jewelry even more than I did creating it!

In early 2017, I upgraded to a professional quality full frame DSLR camera just after our daughter Sienna was born.  As a mother, I deeply cherish photos of my family and wanted beautiful images that captured who my children really are in spirit and not just a posed smile for the camera.  Capturing those sweet moments, particularly of our little ones whose early days are so fleeting, feels my heart with so much joy.  I wish to bring that joy to others!

old fam pics (1 of 1)

I’m also inspired by a set of photos we have framed of the generation before us as babies. They are these lovely black and white images that amaze me – how were our parents and grandparents ever so young?! I love the idea of capturing a family as they look today for future generations to enjoy.

I’m incredibly excited to continue to improve my skills, both technically as well as in connecting with my subjects to convey real feeling, not just a posed smile for a picture.  I think that is where the true art lies, and I would like to capture those very real moments between people so that they can be seen and treasured for years to come.

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