It’s A Family Affair

My husband, aka. Paco de la Familia, is really serious about music.  We have a room dedicated to his records collected over 25 years that span funk, soul, jazz, house, and many other genres across decades.  He pretty much always has one earbud in his ear as he searches for new musical tracks that stand the test of time.  His party, Family Affair, is a celebration of not only of all-vinyl music, but of family (kids joined in from 4-8p), friends, great food, and all around good vibes!  This was the second Family Affair party he hosted, this time along with the talented Leonard Trujillo from San Antonio.  Decorations were over the top, and the food, top notch sound set-up, and music selections did not disappoint!  I only had my camera out for a short while, but here are some images from the party.

A Family Affair: Party at Sahara Lounge

This party, thrown by my husband and talented DJ Paco, was many months (arguably years) in the making.  He wanted to create something different, where he and partners could play truly unique music where every record would “stand on it’s own”.  We started early so that the kids could join in on the music fun as well.  Sahara Lounge was perfect with it’s rustic back patio. The kids absolutely loved the lollipops and bubbles too!

DJs_dancefloor (7 of 9).jpg

Red Bud Isle Park

Despite the sprinkles, we paid a visit to Red Bud Isle Park off Lake Austin Blvd to catch some more fall colors before they fade.  The cyprus there are a beautiful honey color, and the few sycamore are also looking a lovely shade or orange.  It was a bit muddy, so we’ll have to head back for a longer stay very soon!


Red bud (6 of 6)

Yellow and Red

My family made it out the park this weekend for some fun. It was a mild cool day, and the cloud cover really made the fall colors pop.  We discovered a wagon structure a little ways over from the playground that also provided an interested backdrop.  As usual, Cooper wouldn’t leave the house without his “cowboy hat”!

Shiloh, Our Little Slice of Country Heaven

When Paco and I were first engaged, he told me about his dream to own some land in the country. At the time, I thought to myself “sure, that sounds nice, but it probably won’t happen for 20 years!”.  Little did I know what God had in store for us!  A year into our marriage (2011), there was a big drought in Texas that was depressing property prices a bit.  We found this “gem in the rough” as our agent called it, out in Mason county, and we were instantly in love!  Since then it’s been a work in progress, and we’ve loved every minute of it!  Now it’s my photography obsession, as the river, rolling hills, and big oaks provide a beautiful background for my portraits.


Our Strawberry Baby

This little lady has been such a blessing!  When pregnant again after losing our first child late in the pregnancy, I prayed to God for a red headed little girl with a sweet dispostion.  I’d read a lovely book encouraging mothers to pray for exactly their heart’s desire, and that was mine.  Surprisingly, I was blessed with the sweetest, funniest little blond boy, Cooper, for our second child.  When pregnant with the third, I just wanted a healthy baby, but deep down I was really hoping for a girl.  And low and behold, God had that little red head waiting for us as the cherry on top of our little family!  My friend’s daughter calls her our strawberry baby, which I adore.


Sienna sitter improved (2 of 3).jpg
Sienna Grace at 7 months