More Than Just a Hobby

Y’all, I love photography. I mean, like realy love it!!! I know like most moms, having pictures of my family is so important. These memories, this time, caught in an image forever, brings me so much joy. But there’s so much more to it than aiming your camera at a smile. It’s all of those details, color, sharpness, warmth, texture, glimmer in the eyes, that gets me really excited. Composition, light, focal length, editing… it challenges me constantly, and my photography style continues to evolve.

On another note, sharing some favorites from a recent shoot with this darling family. And kudos to mom for styling this bunch so well!! I know from personal experience that part can be challenging!

I’ll Get to It Eventually!

The end of 2020 was a busy one as usual, and I’m grateful for all of the sweet families I got to photograph. And particularly this one since they are great friends! It was wonderful to meet their newest addition, since I hadn’t seen her yet due to covid. This is a very delayed post of pictures are from November, but that’s just life these days! Better late than never right?! Here are a few from our sweet family shoot. Enjoy! 🙂

Cherry on Top

I get so excited when my friends go for another baby. My big questions is “are you going to find out the gender??” I found out with all three of my children as soon as I could, because I could never stand the anticipation of something so big. When these friends told me they were waiting, AND they already had two girls, I could NOT WAIT to find out what this baby would be. I was so excited when they announced their son Wil was here!! I was blessed to do a little newborn shoot for this sweet fam, and here are some favorites.

Independent Gal

I’ve photographed this sweet family a handful of times now (starting with big brother’s first birthday portraits), and it’s always fun to see how much everyone has grown! Little sister was more interested in exploring than having her photo taken, but she played along in between dipping her toes in the water and checking out her surroundings. It seems she’s going to be a very independent girl one day in the not-so-distant future! Here are some favorites from our socially distanced shoot. 🙂

Boy, Boy… Girl!

This little fam just melts my heart. We go way back, and it’s always such a pleasure to do photo sessions for friends. Life is so busy, and it can be hard to get together. This has been a great way to catch up with those friends, and see how their little ones have grown! I did little sister’s newborn pictures a year ago. After having two boys, the family decided to make the gender of number three a surprise, and I was SO excited to hear that it was a girl (everyone really should have at least one of each IMO)!! Here are some favorites from sister’s first bday outdoor socially-distanced shoot.

Glass Half Full

These are definitely interesting times. While working from home with two kids has been challenging, it’s also been an incredible gift- of slowing down and spending time with the people I love.  No one knows how long we’ll be at home like this, so we might as well embrace it fully! Obviously my shoots have come to a halt, but I did get to snap this sweet family just before the shut down. Enjoy!