Our Slice of Country Heaven

Towards the end of the year we made several trips to our place in Mason, Texas, which is my absolute favorite place to shoot. ┬áThe wide open spaces, river, and golden sunsets make for a wonderful backdrop, and I’m grateful my family doesn’t get tired of me snapping away. ­čśë ┬áHere are some favorites from this season.


untitled (25 of 27)

untitled (27 of 27)

Surprise Surprise

My step brother and his wife decided to wait to find out the sex of their second child, so we were all very excited to find out that it was a boy (with a full head of hair!).  Here are some favorites from our newborn shoot, which included two very large but gentle giants!


Not Yet of This World

Last week I had the honor of photographing one of the newest humans alive – little Ruby at just 5 days old. ┬áEven for those of us who have children of our own, we quickly forget what a newborn is like. ┬áTheir eyes open occasionally and just search for all they know, their mother’s face. ┬áTheir thin limbs move wildly while they are awake, simply wanting to be held tightly as they have been in the womb their entire life. ┬áThey really aren’t yet of this world! ┬áSuch a reminder of how fragile and beautiful life is…